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Antoine de Saint-Exupery on Simplifying

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Alison and Katie and lots of leavesI am preparing our weekend house for sale, and this requires a lot of decluttering. I’m sure you’ve experienced a big clean-out, where you finally notice how much stuff you’ve accumulated. It’s very cathartic to get rid of the non-essential, to proactively decide that you want to make space for something, to realize your circumstances have changed and you no longer need or want something. The feeling might not be one of perfection, but it is one of freedom.

What can you get rid of – in your home, in your wardrobe, in your daily routine, in your diet, in your work?

Leonardo da Vinci On Simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

I finally ordered about $350 worth of new organizers from the Container Store and went closet-by-closet and drawer-by-drawer to purge and reorganize. I had more than a few, “Oh that’s where that was!” or “I didn’t know I had that!” a-ha moments. I found a $10 bonus card that was still good (cashed it!), as well as a year’s worth of school supplies I now won’t need to buy for next year. Everything is much clearer and simpler now. My file cabinets are next!

Where can you simplify?

Beyond organizing your possessions, can you simplify your career? What is your elevator pitch – your unique value or super-power in 20 seconds or less?

Can you simplify your schedule? What are the 3 key things you need to do today, not just copying and pasting your unfinished to do list from yesterday?

Can you simplify your inputs? We are bombarded with emails, advertisements, news (you have 50 messages, invites and pokes on Facebook!). Can you start a daily practice of silence for 5 minutes or turning off electronics for one hour before sleep or reaching for something other than your mobile device first thing in the morning?