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Thea Alexander On Outrageous Requests

Great things are only possible with outrageous requests – Thea Alexander

A VP in a big bureaucratic corporate job lands the top job at a start-up. Oh, and he chose among 3 offers in 2 months.

Please, please, pleaseA financial services executive plotting spinning her wheels for 2 years finally identifies and makes her career change (to K-12 education) in a few months.

A small business owner uproots her year-old firm to move thousands of miles away and manages to grow her business and land a magazine feature in her first year away.

Outrageous, yet, true. These are all real-life examples of clients I’ve worked with who made outrageous requests of themselves and their dreams and reaped the benefits.

What outrageous request will you make?

Helen Keller on Playing Big

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar  —  Helen Keller

After a particularly cold winter, I am even more excited for spring, already my favorite season. I just want to get outside more, enjoy the longer, brighter days, and escape the constriction of coats, hats and gloves. Spring is a time I feel like I’m physically soaring. There is a release after creeping along all winter — even when I’m just standing still, on a nice spring day, my body feels like it’s throwing my arms wide open and I’m jumping for joy.

Sometimes when I have a business idea or even just an idea for an article, I feel that same excited soaring, mentally and creatively. I need to tell someone. I need to type quickly to get it all down. There is an urgency, but not the stressful urgency that comes with deadlines. It’s a positive urgency, that impulse to soar.

Where are you creeping when you need to soar?