Milton Glaser on Enough

Less isn’t more; just enough is more – Milton Glaser  Please, please, please

Most people do, have and say too much. Schedules are too crowded, and vacations go unused. Closets are bursting, and items spill out into all corners of the house. Emails are lengthy, and conversations ramble.

Doing less, having less, and saying less is generally good advice.

But we don’t want to prune, de-clutter and edit just to get to less. We still need to pursue our goals, be thoroughly stocked and get our point across.

So, it’s not about less; it’s about just enough. Do just enough to honor your commitments and accomplish your personal goals. Have just enough to take care of your needs and bring beauty and joy into your environment. Say just enough to share your message.

Where do you need to do less? Where do you need to do more?

One thought on “Milton Glaser on Enough

  1. Michael McMahon

    Good advice! We have been inspired by the Tiny Home movement and the ideas behind Living Small. However, as with anything there is obviously a point where this can go overboard.

    How much one needs to live and be happy (whether in terms of income, food, things you own, etc…) is without doubt a personal thing and finding the right balance is often a lengthy journey. And a very worthwhile journey in my opinion.


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