Albert Camus on Money and Happiness

It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money – Albert Camus OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Money plays a significant role in pursuing your goals and dreams. You need money to invest in supplies, training, and other support for your pursuit. You need money to live your day-to-day. You need money to pay for your self-care, vacations and other ways you refresh yourself so you bring your best self to your pursuits.

Money does buy happiness. It doesn’t ensure happiness. But it does pay for many of the things that enable happiness to ensue.

So, take money into consideration as you outline your plans. Run the numbers as you make decisions on next steps. Negotiate the money – price, salary, fees – when you buy, change jobs, hire services for yourself or offer your services to others.

Where do you shy away from thinking about, talking about, or handling money?

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