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CS Lewis on Laziness

Laziness means more work in the long run. – CS Lewis

Have you ever neglected to do a small amount of maintenance, only to have an urgent emergency to attend to later on that cost a lot more money, time and grief? This might be taking an extra half hour with your direct report to hand off an assignment or blocking off an hour each week to check in on existing clients or putting away those supporting documents in their rightful place so you have them readily available as needed.

What if you just assume everything takes 10, 15, 30 minutes longer than you schedule, and you use that bonus time to invest in these preventative items?

What if you block off one lunch hour or one half day or one early morning before work to knock off these often-overlooked activities?

What is one item you can do right now that doesn’t have a deadline but you KNOW it will help later on?