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Berrnadette Penotti on Awareness

With awareness, we can make new choices – Berrnadette Penotti

I worked with Berrnadette Penotti as my life coach in 2013. This quote on awareness is one of my favorite lessons from our work together. I would often lapse into, “I always do _______.” Berrnadette would remind me that every day, indeed every moment within the day, we have the chance to start anew. Even if I habitually reacted a certain way, once I was aware of that tendency, things weren’t pre-ordained; I could CHOOSE a different behavior, reaction, or outcome.

January has the natural momentum of a new year. But that puts a lot of pressure on January. What happens in February if you’ve already missed a milestone, dropped a habit, or run out of self-motivation.

If that happens to you, just start again. With awareness, we can make new choices.