Berrnadette Penotti on Awareness

With awareness, we can make new choices – Berrnadette Penotti

I worked with Berrnadette Penotti as my life coach in 2013. This quote on awareness is one of my favorite lessons from our work together. I would often lapse into, “I always do _______.” Berrnadette would remind me that every day, indeed every moment within the day, we have the chance to start anew. Even if I habitually reacted a certain way, once I was aware of that tendency, things weren’t pre-ordained; I could CHOOSE a different behavior, reaction, or outcome.

January has the natural momentum of a new year. But that puts a lot of pressure on January. What happens in February if you’ve already missed a milestone, dropped a habit, or run out of self-motivation.

If that happens to you, just start again. With awareness, we can make new choices.

One thought on “Berrnadette Penotti on Awareness

  1. berrnadette

    Thank You Dear Caroline, and what a Joy to work with the Brilliant, Funny and Muti-Faceted Diamond You!
    Yes with Awareness we can Make New Choices in every moment. What Fun, what a Joy!
    Ditto your words we can say: “Aha! Why am I choosing this old reality, when I can actually choose something New, Exciting, and Pointed in the Direction of What I Truly Love?”

    That moment we Choose the New, and Act on It (taking Action is very important as this “grounds” our new idea into the Physical) we are Aligning with our True Core Self.
    Do this in every moment, and we will be guided to our True Magnetic North.

    With Love, and a Magnetic, Colorful and Grand 2014 for All!



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