Monthly Archives: July 2014

Tony Robbins on Decisions

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided – Tony Robbins

What is one step you mean to take, or a change you mean to make, but haven’t?

Is this a goal that really doesn’t matter? Have you changed your mind, and the goal doesn’t matter anymore?

Are you not sure of the next step and need support?

Is there something else you can focus on, even for the next week or two, to move your energy from procrastination into action mode? Once you get moving towards any other goal, if this one really matters, you’ll come back to it with a renewed commitment.

CS Lewis on Laziness

Laziness means more work in the long run. – CS Lewis

Have you ever neglected to do a small amount of maintenance, only to have an urgent emergency to attend to later on that cost a lot more money, time and grief? This might be taking an extra half hour with your direct report to hand off an assignment or blocking off an hour each week to check in on existing clients or putting away those supporting documents in their rightful place so you have them readily available as needed.

What if you just assume everything takes 10, 15, 30 minutes longer than you schedule, and you use that bonus time to invest in these preventative items?

What if you block off one lunch hour or one half day or one early morning before work to knock off these often-overlooked activities?

What is one item you can do right now that doesn’t have a deadline but you KNOW it will help later on?

Bob Hope on Enthusiasm

I put enthusiasm at the top of the list, because without it, nothing else means very much. – Bob Hope

What are you enthusiastic, passionate, excited about? (Not just what do you like, or worse, tolerate?)

How can you prioritize enthusiasm in your work and inspire enthusiasm from your team and colleagues?

What can you drop from your To Do list to refocus that time and energy on something you truly love?

Milton Glaser on Enough

Less isn’t more; just enough is more – Milton Glaser  Please, please, please

Most people do, have and say too much. Schedules are too crowded, and vacations go unused. Closets are bursting, and items spill out into all corners of the house. Emails are lengthy, and conversations ramble.

Doing less, having less, and saying less is generally good advice.

But we don’t want to prune, de-clutter and edit just to get to less. We still need to pursue our goals, be thoroughly stocked and get our point across.

So, it’s not about less; it’s about just enough. Do just enough to honor your commitments and accomplish your personal goals. Have just enough to take care of your needs and bring beauty and joy into your environment. Say just enough to share your message.

Where do you need to do less? Where do you need to do more?

Albert Camus on Money and Happiness

It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money – Albert Camus OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Money plays a significant role in pursuing your goals and dreams. You need money to invest in supplies, training, and other support for your pursuit. You need money to live your day-to-day. You need money to pay for your self-care, vacations and other ways you refresh yourself so you bring your best self to your pursuits.

Money does buy happiness. It doesn’t ensure happiness. But it does pay for many of the things that enable happiness to ensue.

So, take money into consideration as you outline your plans. Run the numbers as you make decisions on next steps. Negotiate the money – price, salary, fees – when you buy, change jobs, hire services for yourself or offer your services to others.

Where do you shy away from thinking about, talking about, or handling money?